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Trump supporters bemoan Blacks dominate jury

A number of President Donald Trump’s political supporters are saying that special counsel Robert Mueller’s federal grand jury is stacked with too many Black folk. One supporter in particular, Richard Johnson complained that the numbers of the grand jury in Washington looked like they come […]

Governor Cuomo launches economic justice program

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has unveiled 2018 State of the State proposal to strengthen the workforce aimed at preparing New Yorkers for future jobs. He has already earmarked a whopping $175million for the project. Cuomo has already created an Office of Workforce Development to oversee state’s […]

OPINION: Is Trump the Worst President in the last 50 Years?

1. Trump picks Jeff Sessions to succeed Loretta Lynch as Attorney General of the U.S. Trump went out of his way to make sure that his administration’s justice policy reflected 1940s America, when he selected Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III as his Attorney General. According to […]