By J. Zamgba Browne
Chief Correspondent

Brooklyn-based Tropical Breeze Car Wash has been hit with a lawsuit by New York State Attorney General for allegedly cheating its employees out of more than $540,000 in wages and benefits.  Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman is seeking nearly $1.6 million in restitution, damages, and penalties.

The lawsuit filed is in New York State Supreme Court, King County against U.S. Auto Wash, a Tropical Breeze Car Wash, its owner, Gmuer, and its managers, Philip Gregory Gmuer.  “Every worker deserves an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, said Attorney General Schneiderman. Yet we allege that Tropical Breeze Car Wash shamefully stiffed workers at every turn” said the Attorney General.

“We are taking them to court and seeking to recover every penny of unpaid wages for these workers, plus damages and penalties for the company’s egregious conduct,” he added.

Scheiderman said further that “unscrupulous employers should hear our message loud and clear: If you exploit workers, we will see you in court – and make sure that you pay every worker every dollar they are owed. “

“We are here today because of the abuses and the lack of respect that we experience. We have come together to stop this abuse and not just in this car wash but in car washes across New York State.” Said Scheinderman.

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