By J. Zamgba Browne
Chief Correspondent

A mental health expert this week slammed President Trump’s cognitive exam and called for further testing.

Bandy Lee, an assistant clinical professor at Yale University, and Norman Eisen, who served as former President Obama’s Special Counsel for Ethnics and Government Reform made the following observations

They said the testing done by Professor Lee was insufficient and insisted that a more “responsible. thorough and accurate assessment” should be done in order to truly measure the president’s mental fitness.

The two experts say that the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, the test that the president was subjected to, is only meant to serve as a basic screening test, nothing more.

“To determine whether additional testing is needed for cognitive or Alzheimer’s issues,” Lee and Eisner say there are “ample indication that additional testing” may be needed.

“Better tests for intricate frontal lobe function include the California Verbal Learning Test, the Stroop Test, the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test and others, an MRI or PET scan would also have been helpful,” they added.

Besides the neurological exams, the two argued for a psychological assessment where “urgent concerns also lie.”

Dr. David Knopman, a Mayo Clinic neurologist, also weighed in on the Montreal test, saying that “it is not considered definitive. It is ultimately only a first pass at cognition,” said Dr. Knopman.

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