By J. Zamgba Browne
Chief Correspondent

Mayor Bill de Blasio has earmarked a $13 investment plan to help New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) rapidly respond to heating emergencies and replace failing equipment.

He said this funding will replace several boiler systems experiencing chronic outages, secure mobile boilers for emergencies, hire temporary repair staff and seal windows to reduce heat loss.

“This winter brought the longest stretch of below-freezing days since 1961, straining many NYCHA buildings aging heating systems to the breaking point,” the Mayor explains. “This new funding will immediately enable the agency to repair equipment faster, and maintain heat under emergency conditions,” he added.

Mayor de Blasio said all New Yorkers deserve heat and hot water. “While NYCHA has been working around the clock to keep our boilers working, these record cold temperatures are hard on our gaining heating systems,” he added.

Shola Otatoye, NACHA chair and CEO said the investment will address some of the most problematic infrastructure through the current cold season. “This support from the Mayor will literally keep the heat on in thousands of NYCHA homes and is critical in our efforts to improve service for residents,” said Olatoye.

Since 2014, NYCHA has invested nearly $300 million in heating and plumbing, and has received a $109 million grant from FEMA to replace or repair 67 boilers at 17 developments.

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