By J. Zamgba Browne
Chief Correspondent

The chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Cedric L. Richmond reacted to shutdown of the U.S. government, placing the blame squarely on the Republican majority in both the House and Senate.

“Since the beginning of this Congress, according to Richmond, “Republicans have proved two things to the American people: They are unable to govern and will follow President Trump over the cliff.”

Congressman Richmond also reacted to House passage of the “morally bankrupt” Republican Tax Bill. He said the bill “reflects just how morally lacking the Republican Party has become.”

“In order to pay for tax cuts for corporations and one percenters like President Trump, the bill eliminates middle-class tax breaks that help average Americans make ends meet,” said Richmond.

In addition, Rep. Richmond said the tax bill doses the following: It repeals tax breaks that help graduates pay off student loans; repeals tax breaks that help teachers buy school supplies and instructional material.

It also repeals tax break that helps families afford medical expenses for life-saving treatments; it repeals an entire federal program that drives private investment into underserved communities.

Republicans repeal tax break that helps businesses hire veterans. It also repeals tax break that prevents double taxing of hardworking families at the state and local level while providing critical funding for first responders.

If all this wasn’t enough, Richmond said the GOP tax plan would raise taxes on 36 million middle-class families. In addition, he said Republicans in the Senate are trying to add an Obamacarce repeal provision to their version of the tax bill.

“The Congressional Black Cause will never turn its back on our first responders, teachers, seniors, veterans, small business owners, families, and underserved communities,” said Chairman Richmond.



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